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No matter the size of your laundry load, you can get in and out of our store in about an hour. While you wait you can: watch TV, play or work on your device with our built-in charging stations and Free Wifi.

Standard, large, and super jumbo capacity machines
Hot and cold water options
Formulas for heavy soil as well as delicate fabrics
Super high air-flow dryers
Variable temperature dryers
Free Dry!
Discount days!

Wash & Fold

Would you rather do something other than laundry with your precious free time? Drop it off with us, and we’ll take care of the rest! With Fresh and Clean, it takes four minutes to do your laundry: two to drop it off and two to pick it up.

Folded and bagged or hangers
Same-day service
Spot-stain services
Top-grade detergents
Special Instructions followed
Full-Service Wash & Fold – $.99/lb
Fold Only – $.50/lb
Comforter pricing starts at $10 per comforter

Commercial Laundry

If your business has laundry needs, let us save you time and money. We can tailor a plan with appropriate features at a price that makes sense for you and for us. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us today!

Charge by the pound
Customer-owned fabrics
No contracts required
No hidden fees
Free Pick-Up and Delivery For Orders Over 100 lbs
Customized solutions to meet your unique business needs
Stop paying by the piece