Pickup / Delivery Pricing

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Interested? Here’s how the pricing works out

Wash and Fold:

FREE Pickup & Delivery
Pick up and Delivery On Request $1.65/lb
Pick up and Delivery Recurring $1.55/lb
Free Laundry bag and $10 off your first order
Use Promo Code “Ten” when placing your order
Service offered 7 days a week
We offer a 24 hour turnaround time
Same-day service will be $1.75/lb
$30 minimum

Some items are charged separately and not weighed.

Comforters & Mattress Pads (Regular):

Full/Queen: $14.00
King: $18.00

Comforters & Mattress Pads (Down):

Full/Queen: $18.00
King: $22.00


Regular: $6.00
Down: $10.00

Sleeping Bags:

Regular: $15.00
Down: $20.00

Dry Cleaning:

FREE Pickup and delivery
$30 minimum order (may include wash and fold)
3 day turn around
Laundered & Pressed Dress Shirt: $4.90
Blouse: $9.60
Pants: $9.60
Shirt: $9.00
Skirt: $9.60
Short: $9.60
Suit Jacket: $8.70
Regular Dress: $15.50
Formal Dress: $20.50
Tie: $7.50
Sweater: $9.90
Scarf/Shawl: $8.40
Jacket ( Thin/Casual/Windbreaker): $8.50
Coat ( Lab, Heavy, Rain): $13.80